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There are numerous benefits for having a cat tree in the house. It provides a form of play and rest for your cats. This prevents obesity in the long run which can complicate health matters for your cat. Which also means you’re more likely to spend less on vet bills.

A cat tree is also enjoyable for humans as it allows us a glimpse into the playful instincts of our cute furbabies. Certain cat trees come with play rats and balls which can serve to entertain the cats while their human is away at work. If you have many cats, it can also serve as a point of interaction amongst them.

In summary, the major reasons of wanting to own a cat tree consists of:

  • Exercise for cats reducing obesity in the long run which in turn saves vet bills
  • Help the community of cats to interact. The alpha cats might occupy the highest perch while the timid cats might be hiding in the condo at the ground level
  • Stimulate the outdoor environment indoors
  • Destress for humans — looking at cats playing at a cat tree is a huge enjoyment

With that, we know that cat trees can be expensive. Being a cat owner generally means you’re a giving person. And that you’re also always broke! There’s always so many cute cat stuff to buy in addition to the staples of food and litter and toy.

Don’t worry, felinefurni understands your plight.

Cheap Cat Trees Under $50

When it comes to cat trees, you typically pay for what you get. The cheaper ones will almost mean it’s a smaller cat condo. However, that doesn’t be there isn’t any value or bargains to be had.

We scoured the internets to bring you these 5 cat trees for under $50. Your cats can still have fun without hurting your wallet (too much!).

ImageNameDimensionsNo. of PostsNo. of CondosNo. of PerchesReviews
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color19"W x 19"L x 51"H6114.5/5 based on 365 reviews
Go Pet Club 42-Inch High Cat Tree16"W x 16"L x 42"H3114/5 based on 14 reviews
Majestic Pet 40-Inch Casita Fur for Cats14"W x 16"L x 40"H3110 reviews
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 18W x 17.5L x 28H Inches, Leopard18"W x 17.5"L x 28"H.3114.5/5 based on219 reviews
Read more reviews for Go Pet Club Small Cat Tree Furniture Beige40"W x 12"L x 36"H2114/5 based on 76 reviews

Top Pick: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

Ok this is slightly over $50 and he had to sneak it into this list. But standing at 51 inches high, this is the biggest cat tree of all. This is in our opinion, the best most value for money cat tree.

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  • 51 inch High Cat Tree Beige
  • Material: Compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope
  • For small cat
  • Assembly instruction and tools included
  • Overall Size : 19″W x 19″L x 51″H
  • Base Board Size : 16″W x 16″L
  • Top Perch Size : 13.75″W x 13.75″L
  • Size of House : 16″W x 16″L x 9.5″H

Top Review

I purchased this for my now 7 month old kitten. We’ve had it for almost a month, and it’s been a great purchase.

– Price. You really can’t find a better deal than this.
– Construction. Easy to put together, and the construction is stable. I have it up against a wall, and it’s very stable; doesn’t wobble.
– My cat loves it! The toy mouse is a lot of fun. The mouse did come off the string after about 3 weeks of use; not surprised, because my cat is rough. But it still serves as a great toy.
– Good scratch-a-bility. And keeps my cat from scratching other furniture. Able to scratch from different angles.

– Size. This is a very tall piece, which is good. But I can see how the platforms could be too small for a super big cat. My cat is already 7 pounds, and curled up can cover almost the entire platform area.
– Design. You’ll see that there’s not much of a size difference between the first and middle platforms (the first having the cat cave in it). Due to the design and my cat’s size, it’s sometimes difficult for him to get from the first to the middle platform. I’ve put a chair next to the cat tree so that he can jump from that to the middle platform.

Additional info:
– The material on the platforms is NOT carpet, but more of a soft, slick material. It’s durable, shiny, and pretty. My cat enjoys it. It’s a lovely ivory color, maybe a little lighter than in the picture.

The bottom line: For the price, this is an amazing deal! My cat loves it and is sleeping on it even as I write this review ­čÖé

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