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How Old is an “Old Cat”?

It used to be that eight was the major cutoff for the cat that was geriatric. Now we’re moving to the point that’s a prolonged middle age. According to Guinness World Records, the oldest cat on record was Creme Puff owned by Jake Perry of …

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The Best Litter Pan Ever.

We like sharing nuggets of wisdom on the internet. /u/lazespud2 sounds like he knows his stuff. Summary: Buy this litter pan: Winco SPF6 6-Inch Pan, Full There are tons of problems with most “traditional” litter pans you get at petsmart or petco. Because they are …

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Wanna Know Why Cats Rub Up Against You? Read This!

Usually a cat does this to transfer their scent to you and identify you as belonging in their world. It’s also used as a sort of friendly greeting while at the same time marking you as ‘approved’. They begin this behavior as kittens with their …

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