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Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in Black

A pretty stand that can double up as a magazine holder. Or put a bowl of potpourri to complete the look!

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  • An interior panel and staggered entrance prevents litter from being kicked onto the floor
  • Outer hole can be set up on right or left, so that you can keep it hidden from guests
  • Durable, glossy, non-toxic, lead-free paint – made to last
  • Hydraulic safety hinge holds lid up for easy cleaning
  • Keeps curious children and dogs looking for treats away from the litter pan
  • The Designer Catbox is designed to hold a standard large-sized litter pan that is 18-1/2-inch L by 15-1/4-inch W by 5-1/4-inch H or a high-backed litter pan that is 18.6-inch L by 14.7-inch W by 9.8-inch

Top Review

I was so excited to order this product. Even though it took a while to assemble, the finished product was truly something to behold. Much more visually appealing than my 2 cats’ old litter box with cover, and just as cute as all the pictures suggest. However, this item’s charm wore off just a few days later when I noticed that the room in which we kept it smelled MUCH worse than usual. Upon further investigation we discovered that one of our kitties had slightly missed the box a few times. The smell not only permeated the piece, it also caused it to warp and bubble. After less than a week in our home it had to be thrown away. If you have a cat that goes right in the middle of the box, then this may work for you. However, if you have a larger cat, especially a male cat – I would fist pay attention to their potty habits before losing your money on this item.

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