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Go Pet Club 42-Inch High Cat Tree

Value for money cat tree that should keep a cat entertained. Note that the entrance into the cat condo might be a bit small if your cat is fat.

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  • Base board size 16-inch width by 16-inch length
  • Top perch size 11-3/4-inch width by 11-3/4-inch length
  • Size of house 16-inch width by 16-inch length by 9-1/2-inch height.
  • Posts covered by natural sisal rope covering material.

Top Review

Our car loves this tree! The mouse lasted surprisingly 2-3 weeks before it actually tore off (as opposed to other reviewers saying it lasted a couple of minutes). We have had this for about a month with no issues. It seems to be more stable than other towers, because of the cave at the base of it. It only wobbles slightly when our cat takes a flying jump to the top. The platforms are nicely spaced so she can get onto them easily. The fabric on it is not carpet, beware, it is some sort of fuzzy teddy bear fabric. However, this does not affect my review because of the price and the fact that our cat does not scratch the fabric, only the rope pillars. The rope pillars are very durable and our cat LOVES to scratch them! Assembled in about 2 minutes, no issues there. Also, the tunnel thingy on it is quite small. Our cat is only 6 pounds, and she does not fit in it, nor use it.

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