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How Old is an “Old Cat”?

It used to be that eight was the major cutoff for the cat that was geriatric. Now we’re moving to the point that’s a prolonged middle age.

According to Guinness World Records, the oldest cat on record was Creme Puff owned by Jake Perry of Austin, Texas. Cream Puff was born August 3, 1967 and still living at the age of 37 in 2004.


In general, we consider cats to be middle aged at seven to eleven years old, and geriatric thereafter. A good definition of old age for an animal is the last 25 percent of their lifespan.

If you get a kitten, it is very likely you will have this cat for the next fifteen to twenty years. That means the last 25 percent would be twelve to fifteen years.

Certain families of cats may be longer lived than others, in the same way that some human families enjoy a much greater longevity than others. The lifespan of your cat’s parents and grandparents is a good predictor of how long you can expect your cat to live. People who share their lives with pedigreed cats may be able to access this information through the cat’s breeder.

Here’s some perspective comparing cat age to human age. The World Health Organization says that middle-aged folks are forty-five to fifty-nine years of age and elderly is sixty to seventy-four. They considered aged as being over seventy-five. If you look at cats of seven years of age as being senior, a parallel in human years would be about fifty-one years,” she says. A geriatric cat at ten to twelve years of age would be equivalent to a seventy-year-old human.

My old cat Kleo lived for close to 18 years. That would put around 90+ years old when she passed. RIP KLEO


If you got an old cat, maybe you should buy her a nice cat bed.

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