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K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe

A cat window perch is a thoughtful device. We all know cats love to bask under the sun. Combine that with a climbing element, you get a cat window perch. This also allows your cat to gaze into the outside world and be endlessly thankful to be indoors instead, away from the gloom. A wonderfully thoughtful contraption that could have only been invented by a fellow cat lover.

Cat window perches are much cheaper than cat shelves which makes them a good alternative. You have to be careful with the poorly made cat window perches as they might fall off while your cat is resting. Here are 3 cat window perches that seems to get the job done.

K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe

This expensive and luscious looking cat window perch should have your cat purring and meowing at the birds outside.

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  • Zip off bolster
  • Soft velvety micro fleece interior
  • Easy installation, no tools required
  • Sturdy enough to hold the heaviest of cats

Top Review

My cat loves this! We needed to get her off of sleeping on our bed and this did it! I turned the bolster around so that it is on the side of the room intead of the window, she likes that better. Easy to sweep the hair off of and throw in the wash! Make sure the legs click in or they won’t hold any weight. It looks nice in the room too.

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