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Majestic Pet-Majestic 40 Inch Casita Cat Tree

Well constructed no frills cat tree.

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  • 40-inch Casita Cat Tree
  • Covered in Fau by Fur with Sisal Rope wrapped posts
  • Main residence is topped by two different perches
  • Simple step by step instructions and tools provided
  • Dimensions 40-inch H by 14-inch L by 16-inch W

Top Review

A fine, fine product. Although they skimped on the ivory and jade inlays, this tower will elevate your cat’s spirits to bold new heights. I priced similar shrines of feline idolatry, and they done costed dang near 300-400 dollars american. So I checked amazon and the prices were significantly cheaper so I placed the order.

This is a large product so I was amazed I recieved it only two days after placing the order. The ups man complained about the weight, and sighed and cried. He was a pathetic sort. I don’t think he’d ever lifted anything heavier than sixty pounds. It’s a big box full of carpet, roped cylinders, and particle board promises.
The directions were horrible. It looked like an exploding diagram drawn with charcoal on an elephant corpse. The parts aren’t even labeled, and I realized half an hour later the screws are two different sizes. It took four educated human beings about three hours to put together. It’s easy to put together, but the directions are quite a painful hinderance. I suggest upon opening the product to take out the directions, (it’s only one sheet of chinese paper) and roll yourself a fatty with the directions because they are more than useless. Then open up the picture of the beloved article on Amazon and just lego that business like it’s easy.
Upon completion, your painful frustration will turn to lucid joy as you watch your little pussies jump and play. And they love it. THey sleep, play, scratch, and do many other highly feline actions within it’s walls. I quite like the modern art look to it, it’s as though I have a Caulder in the living room.

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