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Modern Cat Designs – Litter Hider / Bed

A classic box design that can fit snugly into tight spaces.

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  • Quick assembly
  • Low Maintenance high pressure laminate
  • Scoop hook
  • Dog-proof

Top Review

My house really was not designed to accomodate a cat box. The laundry room is in the garage and there’s really no other place to put a litter box unobtrusively. That being the case, I searched for something attractive that I wouldn’t mind looking at. This is the best and only solution I found. This cabinet sits at the end of my hall, front and center outside of everyone’s bedroom door. And I don’t mind seeing it there at all. I am quite proud of it actually. It is a nice little piece of furniture, a little bit of a splurge. There are other cabinets I suppose (Fake wicker seems really impractical.), but this is the only one I liked. The modern design blends well with my other furnishings. I have a boy cat that uses this (My girl cat has never been in it though. I think she’s uncomfortable with covered boxes. She has an open pan between the toilet and bathroom cabinet.). He has never had any accidents where any urine or feces has ever gone anywhere but inside the litter pan. It seems though that the surface would be easily wiped of small messes. I have a very simple beige cat pan inside. It works perfectly. I have had this litter hider a couple of years and am still just as happy as ever.

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