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Old Cat and Aging Ears


The normal feline ear can hear up to three times the range of sounds as that of people. But with age, the delicate structures within the ear begin to lose sensitivity to vibrations. This decline can be accelerated by damage from very loud noises. Chronic ear infections or parasite infestations, such as ear mites, may also damage the cat’s hearing. The next question is: do you need to clean your cat’s ear? That depends on your cat. Many cats are excellent self-groomers and rarely need ear care while others should have routine cleanings. If you notice wax, dirt or other debris, then it is probably time for a cleaning.

Age-related hearing loss, termed presbycusis, shows up in any animal if it lives long enough. There’s a certain loss of nerve cells with time in the body. Hearing loss can’t be reliably predicted, but once it starts, it continues to get worse with time.

Cats can’t tell us they’re hard of hearing. They compensate by paying more attention to their other senses. They may become more visually attentive, pay attention to vibration cues, air currents and things like that.

Many times owners don’t recognize the cat has lost hearing because it happens so gradually, until suddenly they notice the cat startles when touched or stops running to greet the doorbell.

Before you cat gets old, you have to bring them to the club and get down with the meow mix.

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