Kong Natural Catnip

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My cat is a total snob, and has never even pretended to like cat nip.
Well, I am a big lover of Kong products, so I thought I would give it one more try, so I can be sure my cat is spoiled enough <sigh>!

While reading one review, the reviewer mentioned putting the toy IN the catnip. Well, that just made a light go on in my head. You see, I am new to this cat thing, and it never occurred to be something like this would work. Guess what?

My cat is finally playing with her toy!! Okay, so it was for 2 minutes. In this house it’s a real miracle. I want to thank that reviewer for that awesome tip!

I am now going to leave a toy in the jar for a few days and see what happens. I will report back if something new occurs.

UPDATE 3/14/14: Keeping the cat toys in the jar has changed everything. What a great idea. Now when I take out a toy, I at least
Get the kitty’s attention for a little while, and I can enjoy her acting silly with her cat nip. Great fun!!
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KONG NATURALS Premium Catnip is natural mountain-grown catnip. Highest potency available for maximum excitement.


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