Spot Cat or Kitten Colorful THIN Springs

$7.00 $1.59

  • 10 in a-pack
  • Who knew such a simple toy could be so much fun
  • Each spring is 3-1/4-Inch long by 1/2-Inch diameter

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I have a year old black cat who is on a non-stop search and destroy mission. A friend gave me a pack of these, and my cat is TOTALLY focused on them – to the point where I MUST find them every morning (under the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, doors, laundry room, etc.) before I leave the house, or ELSE. The other cat isn’t interested in them, but the black cat is totally addicted. He will carry it through the house, growling as if he bagged an elephant.

Totally worth every penny, and once these are gone I’m buying plenty more. If you straighten out a wire coathanger, you can make a dandy retriever for them to get them out from under appliances and from behind heavy objects.


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