Molly and Friends Bed and Sisal Scratching Post

$109.99 $63.37

  • Large bed for all sized cats
  • Durable materials, high-quality carpet, and solid construction
  • All natural thick sisal rope
  • Handmade in the USA, No assembly required
  • 35 inches tall on a 18 inch x 18 inch base

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This is the best cat furniture. The perfect simple piece of cat furniture. A large bed allows big kitties (or multiple ones) to lounge and stretch out. Our all natural thick sisal rope is just what your kitty wants to dig his claws into. Our premium handmade high quality cat furniture is made from scratch right here in the U.S.A. and requires no assembly – we do all the solid building for you. Because this furniture is handmade and not “modular”, you’ll get the sturdiest upright post that can be climbed up, scratched at, slept in, and peered out from. A real look-out tower for your kitty(s). We use solid pine poles in our construction along with heavy duty screws and bolts to build a piece of furniture that is more furniture than scratching post. But, it is a piece of furniture meant to be scratched – just what kitty ordered. This particular unit contains one bed plus 27″ of all natural sisal rope for scratching. It stands 33″ tall on a 18″ x 18″ base and comes in a beige color.


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