SmartyKat Super Scratcher+ Cat Scratcher Extra Large Corrugated Catnip Scratcher


  • Double-wide corrugated cardboard scratcher with SmartyKat Organic Catnip; made with recycled cardboard
  • Corrugate construction mimics texture cats scratch in nature
  • Use as a flat or inclined; flip over when worn for double the scratching
  • Measures: 9.5″ x 19″ x 1.75″
  • Designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards; 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee from SmartyKat
  • Scratching floor pad for cats 10 pounds and below
  • Crafted in recycled, corrugated cardboard; gentle on cat claws, furniture, and environment

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Cats love the feel of the Smartykat SuperScratcher. It features a unique texture that resembles tree bark-what cats prefer to scratch in nature. The unique honeycomb grooves remove the scale on your cat’s nails far better than carpet or sisal scratching products. Seasoned with our Smartykat Certified Organic Catnip to add to its allure, the SuperScratcher will act like a cat magnet for months to come. Your cat may spend as much time rolling, lounging and napping on the SuperScratcher as it does scratching it!


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