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Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat – Color Gray


  • Thermal cat mat keeps cats warm and comfortable without the use of electricity
  • This cozy mat features a lightweight core that actually reflects pet’s own body heat back to the animal
  • Provides soothing comfort to cats, kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury
  • Machine-washable pad features a leopard-print motif that reverses to solid black berber fleece and it includes a hangtag
  • Measures 22-inch length by 18 1/2-inch width; available in gray color

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Top Review

We adopted a feral cat and bought this thermal mat because it can get cold in the garage (which is where she lives). It makes a tiny bit of crinkling noise when stepped on, but she wasn’t bothered by the sound at all (even though she is feral and still a bit skittish). The mat is made of plush, cozy fabric and is machine washable. Our cat loves the mat and hardly leaves it on days that are a bit chilly. It seems to really work because she also has a pet bed and a bed made out of blankets in the garage and she seems to prefer her mat. Definitely worth the price.

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