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The Best Litter Pan Ever.

We like sharing nuggets of wisdom on the internet. /u/lazespud2 sounds like he knows his stuff.

Summary: Buy this litter pan: Winco SPF6 6-Inch Pan, Full

There are tons of problems with most “traditional” litter pans you get at petsmart or petco. Because they are made of plastic, they can get a bit hard to clean, they can crack or break easily, and worst: they absorb smells like no one’s business.
This smell thing goes both ways by the way. They can just lock in urine and feces smells; but if you wash them with soapy water, that same plastic can lock in the chemical soap smell. You may THINK you’ve rinsed it away, but your cat can DEFINITELY smell it.
So what did we use? stainless steel steam pans from restaurant supply stores.

Basically what makes them awesome is they are solid as heck, the clean extraordinarily easily; they carry zero “smell” residue, they last absolutely forever, and, at about 20 bucks, they actually cost about the same as the cheap plastic ones you’d find at petsmart.

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