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The Nutrients a Cat Needs


In nature, cats make their own choices when it comes to meeting their nutritional needs, but we must make those choices for our domesticated cats. Cats are carnivores; those in the wild eat 90% protein and 10% carbohydrates and greens.

A cat’s dietary needs are very different from a dog’s, and a cat will not do well on a diet made for dogs.

Cats need wet food because 70% of their water intake comes from wet food. Cats also need more protein and fat than a dog might. Felines require certain vitamins, like retinol and niacin, and certain amino acids, such as taurine, daily. Taurine, found only in animal tissue, is essential for good eyesight.

Protein, which is made up of amino acid chains, is the backbone of all growth and tissue repair in a cat.

Cats need a high-protein diet, as protein is their primary source of energy. Protein is also used in the processes of circulation and kidney function and to maintain the support structure of the cat’s body (ten-dons, bones, muscles, and ligaments). The best sources of digestible protein for cats are chicken, beef, fish, eggs, and dairy products like cottage cheese and yogurt.

Cats don’t have the same need for carbohydrates as dogs because they get a lot of the calories they need from other sources. This doesn’t mean that you have to stop feeding carbohydrates; your cat just may not need as many.

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